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We have developed a total LEAN software solution called AYB Lean ERP System (Lean ERP Software).

Our lean software was completely developed from scratch as a total Lean manufacturing solution for an established LEAN Company; this is not just an ERP or MRP program that claims it’s Lean by changing a few nomenclatures. This system is a Lean Manufacturing System designed specially for a Lean office and the software support that the Lean office requires to operate effectively.  In addition, this Lean Manufacturing program has a proven success track record!

This package took the Lean Manufacturing Philosophy to a new level, we are offering a total integrated Lean Software System that takes Lean Manufacturing Principles and combines them with Lean Office Systems Practices that resulted in the simple formula illustrated below.

 Office Lean + Lean Manufacturing = Lean ERP Software

Using Access Your Biz Lean Manufacturing Software means less on hand inventory, less administrative overhead, more throughput, more inventory turns, more employee/customer satisfaction, more on-time-delivery and ultimately…more bottom-line profit for your company!

With Access Your Biz Lean Manufacturing Software you get MORE for your investment dollar.  Most companies resign themselves to procure an operating system to manage their companies’ resources but our system is actually designed to increase efficiency and reduce cost, with this goal in mind, our system has an impressive Return On Investment (ROI).  With Access Your Biz Lean Manufacturing Software, your ROI can be obtained in an incredible three months, click on this ROI link for a case study of an actual user results.

 Lean ERP Software Offers:

  • Office Lean Includes:

  • Lean Accounting – A stream lined free forum method of accounting practices

  •  Lean Purchasing - Paperless procurement of Kanban controlled inventory Lean Invoicing - A fast and efficient method to manage vendor invoices

LEAN Manufacturing

  • Kanban (Bar Coded) Inventory Control – A paperless procurement/replenishment system

  •  Lean Receiving - Bar Coded process to receive Kanban replenishments  BOM Control - To control product configuration and provide cost reporting

  • Job Order Purchasing - To procure Customer Specific (non-Kanban controlled material) to a Job Order

  • Bill Of Materials (BOMs) Control – Full Multi-Level BOM Structure Product Configuration – Revision control of product configuration with ECN history.

  • Maximizes Point of Use Practice (POU) – product is received and delivered to POU locations  

  • Dynamic 2 Bin Kanban Control – The system manages the front/back bin quantities to maximize inventory control and minimize inventory levels.


To Learn more about the LEAN system, follow the links below:

What is Lean Manufacturing? -A Definition of Lean Manufacturing.
A Lean Company – An established Lean Company needed a software solution.
The Lean approach – An article to support your Lean movement over MRP practices.
ROI – A Case Study of a Lean company and their Return On Investment.
Why Do You Need Lean ERP Software?
– Rationale and a supporting article to use Lean Manufacturing Practices.

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