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The purpose of the Lean ERP System (LES) Software; Integrity Monitor, is simply in the name. One, it maintains the integrity of your data - and two, it monitors your data and can send email alerts to conditions that you set.

Data Integrity is maintained by the "automatic" mode of the Integrity Monitor. When running in automatic mode, the system performs a three-tier backup of your data files and performs preventative maintenance on your data files. It also compares and cross references select key data to ensure the utmost in data integrity. Each alert and integrity check are easily turned on or off by clicking the check box next to the option. This is a must for all users.

Data Monitoring is achieved through an email alert or print alert to you for any of the options you select. For example if you select the "Voided Invoices" alert and a user voids an invoice, you will receive the voided invoice information along with who voided it in an email or a print out. The Integrity Monitor is a helpful tool to maintain the safety of your important accounting data and to alert you of any conditions that require your attention.

With the optional Source Code you can program new alerts not already in the system.

Lean ERP System (LES) Software; Integrity Monitor works with the following modules:
> Accounts Payable
> Accounts Receivable
> General Ledger
> Inventory Control
> Purchase Order
> Sales Order
> System Manager
 Single: $195 Multi-User: $295
 Source Code: $395 (includes multi-user version)
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